Friday, July 13, 2012


The dream of working for yourself out of your own home! What could be better than that, right? Getting up and doing your work in your PJ’s and slippers. Sounds good and sometimes it is good. Being able to do work anytime is convenient. This is a key benefit. You can decide when you work. You can take time off whenever you wish. If your child is sick, you’re already home to take care of him. Those days you wake up and just don't feel like going to work are over.

Home businesses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are turning their time and talents into profits.

Starting a home business is not easy, and there some key factors to look at before you start.

1. Space:   Do you have adequate space to store any inventory you may require? If you are already  cramped for space then you need to think about this before you buy into a business that requires a lot of display or ready-to-sell items.

2. Write a Business Plan:    Creating a business plan is a must, even if you are bootstrapping our business. You need to know exactly where you’re going and map out your goals and the steps to achieve them.

3. Check zoning laws:   Municipal zoning laws limit the types of activities that can be run from home. If your home is not suitable for opening your business, but renting an office space is a big risk. Then you have the option many people are doing now. They lease a virtual office, from Van Nuys Offices, that comes with all the amenities a real office comes with. Commercial address, commercial mail box, and choice to put a phone line and forward all calls to your cell phone or home phone.

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